B2B Email Marketing Trends 2022 

Apr 21, 2022

Email marketing is an impactful tool that is often used in B2B marketing. Over 55.5% of B2B senders say they have recently increased their email volume, and 49% are emailing customers more frequently since the start of COVID-19. The competition is high for the attention of the customer, so it is important to always optimize and reevaluate your performance to keep up. Every year as customer expectations change, there are new trends and strategies that can help you improve your email marketing efforts. Here, we look deeper into some of the top email marketing trends of 2022.  

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Having access to a ton of data won’t get you far if you can’t turn it into actionable and repeatable insights. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can come into play. AI tools are becoming a large part of email marketing as they can manage larger chunks of data that originally wouldn’t have been possible before. This will help create better insights into analytics as well as be able to predict user preferences and trends. But the buck doesn’t stop there. AI is also a useful tool when it comes to list segmentation, which would allow you to create smaller groups based on specific characteristics for your B2B audience.  

2. Personalization Beyond the Name 

While personalization has been around for a while in B2B email marketing, there is now a push to take it a step further, making the person receiving your email feel as if this message was crafted just for them. This is where your buyer personas come into play. Having clear buyer personas is key to ensuring that the most relevant audience is being targeted and also helps you create content that is relevant to these specific audiences. Chances are there are general problems within a certain industry or life phase of an organization that you can learn from your buyer personas. With this understanding, you can then craft your message to make sure you are speaking your customer’s language

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3. Mobile Optimization 

If you’re not already making sure your emails are optimized for mobile, now is the time. 50% of B2B inquiries are made through smartphones compared to a desktop, making it more important than ever to create a user experience conducive to the mobile user. Responsive email templates can boost clicks by up to 15%. Part of the mobile optimization should also be your flow of content, as you want to keep it free of clutter so mobile users don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the relevant content.  Make the design of the mobile equal priority with desktop, rather than just an afterthought. 

4. Simplicity  

2022 is all about minimalism. The more effective communication you have the better. Content marketing is becoming more and more oversaturated, and you have to work harder to keep viewers engaged, and this includes your email content. People want shorter and cleaner emails that are easy to read, understand and know what next steps to take. More concise content is also ideal for people who simply glance at an email on the go, so you can convey your message to them in even less time. 

With the constant changes in email marketing, you want to stay ahead of your competition and remain at the forefront of the latest trends so you can adjust your content strategy accordingly. By incorporating some of the trends above, you will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with your email marketing and that your audience stays engaged with your content.   

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