Three Key Benefits of Creating Buyer Personas

Aug 19, 2021
Three Key Benefits of Creating Buyer Personas

You’ve heard it many times before – buyer personas are a crucial component of successful marketing. They clearly outline a target audience and ideal buyers and include the characteristics that help define the most impactful marketing activities. Understanding buyer pain points and preferences will help an organization define messaging that will resonate, identify types of content to deliver and pinpoint mediums that will perform best when delivering content. Creating buyer personas includes all of these elements and many benefits.

Well-defined buyer personas are essential, but what are their real benefits?

Importance of Buyer Personas

A company’s product, service or solution is usually developed because there is a need for it in the marketplace. The group of people that the offering appeals to acts as the target audience and inside this group are ideal buyers. They exhibit key characteristics and demographic, firmographic and even psychographic data points that portray who they are and the challenges they face. Having a clear understanding of who your product, service or solution best serves and why it is needed will allow you to clearly define and establish your buyer personas.

Here are three key benefits of creating buyer personas.

Reach the Right Audiences

Your product, service or solution is designed for a particular business type and group of people. Attempting to reach those outside of this bubble might be a waste of time and resources. While invisible customers are always out there, prioritizing your marketing efforts on those that fit your target audience makes the most sense. Buyer personas help hone in on your audience by establishing key characteristics including business type, location and job title which are just a few influential pieces of the puzzle. If your organization is primarily targeting businesses in the United States, focus on that location. If you are focused on reaching decision-makers in organizations, define specific job titles you want to target. Reaching the right audience helps your content and messaging better resonate.

Create Personalized Experiences

Your buyers most likely experience common challenges that make your offering an appealing solution. But not every prospect and buyer are the same. Each has unique pain points that relate to their business and role, some more important than others. Each of these challenges should be prioritized and addressed differently. Creating personalized customer experiences and content can help your marketing focus on your buyers’ unique pain points. Without having defined buyer personas, your messaging and content will be unclear and connecting with your audience becomes challenging. Well-defined buyer personas can help you use highly targeted messaging designed to form strong connections with your audience and lead to long-term relationships. Starting with distinct buyer personas which outline specific characteristics can help you create personalized content and experiences. This ability to personalize messaging and address know pain points can significantly boost the success of marketing efforts and ultimately increase revenue.

Increase Confidence in Marketing Activities

When an organization knows exactly what buyers are looking for, their pain points, demographics, firmographics and even their buying behavior, it can increase the confidence in its marketing activities. The valuable information gained from dedicating time to research and analyze prospective buyers will not only help you better address your prospects’ needs but also deliver amplified results. When you know who your buyers are and what they are looking for, the messaging and content you create will better resonate. The more your messages resonate, the more impactful your marketing activities and the more your product or service will stand out.  

Start Developing Buyer Personas Today

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