Four Keys For Effective Email Marketing

Sep 23, 2021
Four Ingredients for Email Marketing

Mastering a recipe isn’t always easy, especially when there are many ingredients that go into it. Email marketing is the same way. Transactional emails, automations, segmentation and much more make up the email marketing realm. With these many ingredients, it can be difficult to focus on which matter the most and are essential to every email marketing campaign. In your email campaigns, focus on these four ingredients to ensure success and results.  

1. Email Marketing Objectives

Objectives and strategy are what you use to plan out your campaign. With email, you need to figure out what you’re trying to accomplish. Is it raising awareness, reengaging contacts or promoting a product? Or is it something else entirely? It’s important to take a step back and ask what you want to do in order to determine how best to get there. While setting objectives and strategy might seem like a minor ingredient, an email campaign without a direction and plan can be derailed and not yield any results. Think of it like this, would you make a new recipe without following the instructions step by step?

2. Email Content

Email content can be seen as one of the main ingredients. Solid and relevant content helps your audience engage easier and compels their attention. Without engaging content, people will not be interested in the information you are delivering and will stop opening your emails or even unsubscribe. Use these tips to ensure email content is clear, concise and engaging:

  • Keep sentences short and incorporate a bulleted list to keep content to the point and scannable
  • Incorporate a call to action (CTA) that directs the reader to what you want them to engage with
  • Avoid using spam words as this could impact email deliverability
  • Include informative, relevant content

3. Email Design

Email design is also a key ingredient. Without design elements, the email content will be unappealing.  The right planning and brainstorming can ensure that the email content is supported by design and presentation elements to support reading and conversion. Use these tips when thinking of email design:

  • Use brand identity guidelines, such as your brand colors and logo
  • Create shortened hyperlinks for ease on the eyes
  • Leverage a flow that moves from line to line and section to section

4. List Segmentation

When segmenting an email list, it is important to make sure that you are giving the right information to the right people. Segmenting your emails and delivering relevant content lets your customers know that you understand their needs and that you have what it takes to work with them.

When preparing an email campaign, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Does this audience need to receive this email?
  • How will my prospect react?
  • How are you personalizing the copy of the email?
  • Does my audience need to be segmented further to make the content more relevant?

Elevate your Marketing Efforts

It is crucial to understand that building a strong marketing foundation can be a difference-maker in the future. Email marketing is one key component to this foundation. Without these elements, your marketing plan can be unclear and pose challenges in the future.  

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