Types of B2B Marketing Emails to Send to Your Audience

Jun 2, 2023
types of b2b emails

Email marketing remains a consistent, effective tool for B2B marketers. With so many emails hitting inboxes everyday, it can be difficult to keep up with the types of emails that organizations can use. Each email serves a distinct purpose and the content should be tailored to suit various situations. To help you understand what types of emails to use in specific cases, here are some of the key types of B2B emails and a few tips on how to most effectively utilize them.

Account/Subscriber B2B Emails

Here are a few emails that relate to either a customer account or their subscriber status.

  • Welcome Email: A welcome email holds significant importance for new users who sign up for an account associated with your organization, as it serves to confirm their account creation and notifies them that their account is now ready for setup.
  • Get Started Email: In addition to a welcome email, a getting started email is often the second piece of the puzzle. It gives key information on the first steps to finalize their account or how to start using it.
  • Subscriber Confirmation Email: When someone subscribes to your mailing list via your website or other location, it is important to let them know you got their information. Some platforms require additional confirmation after signing up, so this email could include a secondary verification or opt-in link.
  • Account Cancellation Email: If someone cancels their account or would no longer like to use your platform, a cancellation confirmation gives them peace of mind their cancellation went through.

Content Related B2B Emails

Here are a few types of emails that relate to sharing an organization’s content and a few tips on what to highlight or share in each.

  • New Blog or Article Emails: Most organizations post new blogs or articles on their website on a certain cadence. Sending emails notifying your audience about these new blogs can help gain some traction on traffic to the blog and website overall. Share a few key takeaways from the new content to pique their interest in reading the entire piece.
  • New Gated Content Emails: Creating a new eBook, case study, white paper, guide or other gated content asset is worth celebrating! Notify your subscriber list, and since you have their information as they are already part of your database, you can send them the file directly without having them fill out the form.
  • New Videos: Did you add a new video to your website or YouTube? Let your audience know and include a direct link or screenshot of the video with a hyperlink if they click on the video frame.
  • Upcoming Webinar: A webinar is a big deal for organizations. If you are hosting a webinar, put together an email series that promotes it so people can sign up. If you are taking part in a webinar as a guest speaker or panel member, a promotional email series is also a great idea. If you are looking for more webinar event marketing tips, check out this blog.

Sales Focused Emails

Sales and marketing are closely intertwined, and occasionally, emails tend to have a stronger sales focus.   Here are a few emails to consider:

  • Free Trial Email: A free trial is a great way to drive prospects to try your product if they are on the fence.
  • Product Promotion Email: Highlighting your product or service offerings can help rejuvenate your audience’s understanding of what your organization offers. If you have recently revamped your offerings, point out new and improved features to entice your subscriber list.
  • Request a Demo: This email type can be especially useful to leads with a significant level of engagement or high lead score. They are showing significant engagement and interaction with your emails which indicates they might be ready for a sales discussion or demo.

Re-Engagement Emails

At times, leads disengage from emails, leaving a significant gap since their last interaction. To reignite their interest or provide a friendly reminder about their subscriber status, here are a few effective email strategies:

  • General Reminder Email: Craft a message like, “Hey, we’ve noticed you haven’t opened many of our emails recently, would you like to continue receiving updates from our mailing list?” This ensures they know their still subscribed while offering an opportunity to opt out if they are no longer interested.
  • Incentivize or Include an Offer: Send an email featuring a special offer or incentive to grab their attention and encourage re-engagement.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all B2B email types, this does give an idea of a few main areas of focus. Additionally, there are more specific email approaches that can be tailored to suit individual needs. Are you seeking guidance on enhancing your email marketing effectiveness? It all starts with establishing a strong foundation for B2B marketing. Explore our online, self-guided marketing courses covering content marketing, messaging, and personas — crucial elements for successful email marketing.

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