Why Marketing Pro Series

 On-demand Video Courses 

Instantly access comprehensive video courses covering the most critical elements of effective marketing. These online, on-demand courses are delivered in 30- to 45-minute sessions so you can progress at your own pace. They’re led by senior-level marketing experts who guide you through the steps to create customized marketing strategies and ready-to-implement plans based on your specific business goals.  

Interactive Exercises, Tools and Templates 

After each session, you’ll get to work using tools and templatesbased on proven methodologies and frameworksfor marketing that delivers desired business outcomes. This is where you build your customized strategies and actionable plans, so you’re off and running quickly to execute marketing that works for your business. 



One-on-One Coaching by Marketing Experts 

Each course includes personal coaching from marketing experts who will guide and support you. In your one-on-one sessionsthey’ll answer your questions to ensure the strategies and plans you develop quickly deliver results and help achieve your business goals.  




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Quickly create customized,  actionable marketing strategies and plans. Execute. See results. 

Marketing Pro Series combines proven marketing practices, frameworks and methodologies the experts at Launch Marketing have used to help hundreds of successful companies launch big ideas, introduce market-disrupting products and sustain recognized brands.

This isn’t just another online marketing course, it’s guided experiences led by senior-level marketing professionals. You’ll walk away with the strategies and plans you need to quickly execute marketing that delivers next-level sales volume to meet your business goals.


“I learned a lot from this course and had such an enjoyable experience! The sessions were clear, concise and easy to follow, and the presentations and content were excellent. I look forward to more from Marketing Pro Series!”

Stepheni Hass, Z3 | The Alternative Board of Austin

Why Marketing Pro Series 

Marketing Pro Series is more than marketing education. It's marketing empowerment. Generate awareness and revenue for your business with on-demand courses, practical exercises, proven templates and one-on-one coaching from experts.