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Marketing Pro Series (MPS) will empower you to elevate your marketing game and drive more leads with comprehensive multi-session courses, one-on-one coaching calls, and easy-to-follow playbooks and training exercises you can leverage every step of the way.

Developed for business owners, startup founders, product innovators, new entrepreneurs or anyone looking to boost their marketing knowledge, Marketing Pro Series will guide you in the creation of customized and ready to execute marketing strategies and plans tailored to your business. With MPS courses, you’ll be a marketing pro in no time!

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COURSE: Build a Breakthrough Content Strategy and Plan

Content marketing that works connects the right message, with the right people, at the right time. This course guides you through the creation of a content strategy designed to drive interest and action for more leads and move them quickly through your sales funnel.

COURSE: Craft Brand Messaging and Positioning for Better Business Outcomes

When messaging and positioning win hearts and minds, brands win sales. This course shows you, step-by-step, how to lay the foundation for a brand that’s cohesive, resonant and enduring, driving action from targets and better business outcomes with increased brand awareness and more.

COURSE: Develop Target Audience and Persona Profiles When you clearly define your target audience, you can focus your efforts and resources on the most valuable opportunities for business growth. This course guides you through the processes to uncover then define target audiences and develop persona profiles for more effective marketing.

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