Content Marketing Course

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Shape your content strategy and set goals by assessing current content marketing activities and benchmarking your competitors. Define your target audience and identify the right content mix to reach them and support the sales funnel.

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Get 50% off with coupon code: FBCM-50

This Content Marketing Course guides you through all components of a content strategy and plan. It focuses on strategies to help you create and distribute valuable, relevant content to attract and retain target audiences with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action.

Traditionally, your company might outsource a project like content strategy and plan development, which can be an investment of around $7k to $10k. With Marketing Pro Series, you get the knowledge, experience and results-proven best practices at a fraction of the cost, all while generating business results.

The Content Marketing Course includes:

• 6 On-demand sessions that help your company’s understanding of content strategy and plan development. ($4500 value)
• 4 Comprehensive exercises and templates for you to use for your defined content strategy. ($4000 value)
• 2 Private coaching sessions to discuss your company’s future development plans with a marketing expert. ($600 value)

Presented by Christa Tuttle

Founder and CEO of Launch Marketing and Marketing Pro Series, Christa has helped startups grow their marketing and align their sales and marketing teams. Launch Marketing has won numerous awards for client results, and Christa is an active leader supporting entrepreneurs.