How a Marketing Coach Can Drive Immediate Improvements

Sep 30, 2021
Benefits of a Marketing Coach

Marketing is a crucial component of business success. But, for small businesses, this might not be an area of expertise, or a feasible area of focus given resources and time. Outsourcing marketing tasks can be expensive and drain what budget is set aside for marketing. Gaining the necessary knowledge and tools internally to create marketing plans might seem impossible. What if there was an option in the middle?  One that combines the expertise of outsourcing with the cost effectiveness of online marketing courses? While courses hold valuable information to understanding marketing, there is another piece of the puzzle that will take marketing for a small business to the next level. That piece is marketing coaching.

Marketing coaches can provide a wide range of assistance and guidance on marketing activities for organizations. Consider these benefits.

1. Answer Questions on Current Marketing Activities

Many businesses have a marketing strategy and plan in place, but others might not be as formal. Regardless of the current state of your marketing, a marketing coach can answer all the questions you may have about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Marketing coaches are experts. Their feedback and insight on what you’re asking can be very beneficial.

2. Establish Short- and Long-Term Goals

Every aspect of a business has goals. This is no different in marketing. Establishing short- and long-term marketing goals is something a marketing coach can assist with. Short-term marketing goals focus on producing a temporary boost in business and traffic. Short-term marketing goals might be increasing engagement on social media by 2% across all platforms, ranking on the top page of search engine results for target keywords or improving email marketing open and click rates. Long-term marketing goals establish brand awareness and produce results year after year. Long-term marketing goals could include establishing a sustainable and repeatable marketing mix to support 10-20% sales growth year over year. While setting goals might seem challenging, a marketing coach will guide you every step of the way to establish goals that are relevant and practical.

3. Help Develop Marketing Plans

A large part of marketing for a business starts with the marketing plan. Whether or not you have experience developing a marketing plan, a marketing coach can help you create one. This outlines the marketing efforts for your business and will help you see exactly where you need to spend your time and budget and what you need to be doing from a marketing perspective. Having this foundational understanding of what a marketing plan is and how to create one can allow you to do this moving forward.

4. Deliver Results and Achieve Business Goals

Successful marketing can deliver results and achieve business goals. Whether it is an aim to obtain more clients or increase revenue from sales, marketing plays a role. A marketing coach can help your team strategize and form a plan to reach these goals. While marketing goals will be separate from overall business goals, they oftentimes work together.

5. Gain Marketing Knowledge

With a marketing coach, you have an unlimited amount of marketing knowledge and experience right in front of you! As you learn how to incorporate marketing in your business, this also gives you a wealth of knowledge. The more marketing strategies, techniques and best practices learned will allow you to incorporate them into your business in the future with confidence.

Online Marketing Courses and Marketing Coaching

Online marketing courses and marketing coaching make a powerful duo. The detailed course modules combined with exercises and templates can help you get started on the marketing vision for your business. Add in the marketing coach’s expertise and guidance and you have all the components to marketing and business success! That’s what Marketing Pro Series is. Online courses and one-to-one coaching by marketing experts to help you generate leads, revenue and results with the power of marketing. If you’re ready to form the marketing foundations you need for a successful business, check out our courses or contact us today.

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