Three Essential Elements of an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign  

Mar 11, 2022

You’ve just run a successful B2B paid search campaign, attended an event or even uploaded a new piece of gated content on your website. From these marketing activities, you generated many leads. That’s great! But, now what do you do? It can be a challenge among marketers to know how to effectively nurture new leads, but with the right message, mix of marketing activities and proper timing, new leads can be effectively moved through the funnel, closer to a sale.  

Most often, in order to reach a sale from the new leads you generated through a marketing campaign, event or website gated asset, you must have an effective lead nurturing campaign in place. Lead nurturing keeps your company and your product(s) or service(s) top of mind for a prospective buyer, making it more likely that they turn to you for a sale.  Consider implementing these three essential elements in your lead nurturing campaign. 

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Use Impactful Messaging to Appeal to Segmented Audiences 

To create successful lead nurturing campaigns, it is important to segment leads and target use impactful messaging to appeal to those leads’ interests. For example, you wouldn’t want to use the same messaging points when reaching CEOs as you would for entry-level marketing specialists. These two roles have different interests and therefore using the same messaging would not necessarily resonate in the same way. The key to nurturing campaigns is too narrow in on a specific segment’s pain points and deliver marketing communications that supply valuable tips, best practices and strategies that address these pain points. The more value the recipient gains from these communications, the more likely they will continue to interact with your business. 

Utilize a Diverse Mix of Content  

When it comes to lead nurturing campaigns, having a variety of content is key. Statistically, the most effective type of content is thought leadership content. This is because sharing information of interest and value to your readers position your company as a thought leader – and that is more valuable than simply sharing content that highlights your products or services to sell. Thought leadership is built through sharing expert tips, best practices, industry trends and more. It can also take many forms, including on-demand webinars, guides, eBooks, videos, research reports, check lists, articles, blogs and infographics to name a few more common ones. There are many ways to implement and offer content to new leads, and effective lead nurturing campaigns always have a variety of content types and formats. 

Deliver Marketing Communications at the Right Time 

It can be difficult for marketers to know when the best time is to send marketing emails. When the timing is right, it can help push the new lead to a sales-ready state. Therefore, the timing of lead nurturing campaigns is incredibly important. When a lead is ready to buy, your product or service must be top of mind. To accomplish this, nurture campaigns need to be consistent and have an outlined timeline. Avoid overloading new leads with an influx of communications. Monthly campaigns or even a weekly email with updated content can be an excellent balance between over-communicating and under-communicating. 

Build a Strong Content Strategy for More Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns 

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