What Can You Do to Create More Valuable Content?

Mar 17, 2022

Keeping your website populated with content and your content marketing efforts running smoothly includes a commitment to offering fresh, valuable content to your audience on a regular cadence. Generating content regularly and providing information of value and interest will lead to increased brand awareness and audience growth because audiences connect with valuable content and tend to share it more with their follower base. Yet, creating new and valuable content can be time-consuming and a challenge when you consider resources and team member bandwidth. To make this process more streamlined and easier for you and your team, here are a few ways to create more valuable content. 

Use Your Team to Gain Insights 

Consider what untapped knowledge exists within your office and consider gaining insights from various members of your team. You can gain insights from sales representatives, customer support agents, leadership team members and any employees that keep in touch with everything that is going on with the company or your customers. These insights will be valuable as many of these can be turned into topics for content marketing pieces. Utilizing the knowledge, you already have within your office can get more people creatively involved in content development.  

One way to use team member knowledge is to ask them questions, which will vary depending on their role, and blog the answers. That way, you do not necessarily have to task them with content creation, but rather give them an opportunity to contribute. Your team holds a wealth of knowledge, so be sure to use it! Plus, the insights your team has are some of the most valuable to prospective customers. 

Set Your Content Apart by Being Unique 

Part of making your content valuable is setting it apart from the rest. Rather than focusing on getting the content up on your website with minimal statistics and data points to support information, focus on getting content from many sources. This will help you gain a wide range of information and perspective. Here are some examples of how to do this:  

  • Leverage question and answer (Q&A) emails to gain information and data from customers.  
  • Compile meeting transcripts and notes to use for an article or blog. 
  • Create a podcast based on a conversation with a team member on a fascinating topic. 
  • Cover an industry event and update your audience on key takeaways from the event. 
  • Invite a guest blogger to post on your website as an extra resource for information  

These are just a few emerging digital marketing trends and ideas on how to get creative with developing more valuable content.  

Write Content Consistently 

When focusing on creating valuable content, it is easy to get distracted. From other high-priority items to limited bandwidth, there are several roadblocks to keep this from happening. Commit to write regularly and keep with the cadence you set, whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or anything else. A key tip to elevating your content marketing is consistency because reaching target customers is difficult in and of itself but keeping them engaged is even more challenging. A consistent cadence also gives audiences something valuable to look forward to once you distribute and post your content. 

Utilize Tools to Analyze Performance 

With all these tactics to use to create valuable content, how do you really know what is resonating with audiences? One way to do this is to utilize various tools and software to analyze metrics. There are a variety of tools and software that can be utilized for email marketing, website content metrics, social media and more. For example, Google Analytics can help you analyze your website performance. Using these types of tools can help you decide what is valuable, and what isn’t, and make decisions as to what to create content-wise moving forward.  

Make a Good Impression with Quality 

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to content marketing. If a potential customer has a negative experience with your content, it could be the last time they interact with your business. A negative experience could mean the blog they read could have included outdated information leaving them looking for more or maybe they didn’t connect with the topic. Making sure all your content is high-quality and valuable ensures that the first impression does not turn into the last one. 

Start with a Strong Content Strategy 

Creating valuable and relevant content can be difficult, but it all starts with a strong content strategy. Ready to build a solid content marketing strategy? Check out the Marketing Pro Series course on creating a content strategy. This course covers everything you need to create a content strategy that gets results. With self-paced, on-demand courses, interactive templates and one-to-one marketing coaching, this valuable experience is sure to help you and your team see content marketing success and more. 

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