Top B2B Marketing Resources for 2022

Jan 14, 2022
top b2b marketing resources for 2022

As we kick off 2022, here are some of the top B2B marketing resources from this past year. Utilize these strategies and best practices to help give you a step up on marketing planning and execution for the year ahead.

Blog: Five Tips to Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness

Standing out in a competitive market and growing your customer base is no easy task. Effective marketing can be key to making this happen and focusing on marketing foundations is the first step in making this possible. This blog includes tips on how to boost marketing effectiveness in topic areas such as:

  • Buyer Personas: How to get clear on your target audience
  • Brand Messaging: Strategies to be consistent across marketing materials
  • Content Strategy: Ways to document and outline your content strategy

Blog: Five Emerging Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies for Success

As content becomes primarily digital-focused, new digital marketing trends are making way. Because digital marketing will be where much of organizational marketing strategies are dedicated, these trends will be important to note. Emerging digital marketing trends and strategies covered in this blog include:

  • Virtual Events: How to keep audiences engaged as attention span shortens
  • Social Media, Videos and Podcasts: Best practices and content ideas to leverage in these new digital channels
  • Personalization: Tips for implementing new personalization tactics

Blog: Six Pillars of Effective B2B Marketing

B2B marketing can be broken down into six different pillars, each equally as important. To create an actionable marketing plan filled with goals and objectives, building strong marketing on these six B2B marketing pillars is a must.

  • Lead Generation: Guide prospects through the buyer’s journey by delivering relevant content at each stage
  • Branding: Present your brand consistently across all marketing channels
  • Strategy: Establish a strategy driven by business and marketing goals

eBook: B2B Marketing for Executives: A Guide to Elevated Marketing

As a B2B marketing executive, it’s instrumental to elevate marketing efforts and grow your business. This eBook delivers best practices and implementable tips that will elevate the core components of your digital marketing plan. In this B2B Marketing for Executives guide, you’ll take away tips on:

  • What content types make the most impact on audiences and how to leverage them in your content marketing strategy
  • How to improve search rankings
  • What it takes to build a social media presence and grow follower base

Course: Create a Strong Brand Identity and Messaging that Gets Results

Messaging that drives action from targets and generates awareness and revenue is key for organizations. Crafting cohesive, relevant messaging that makes an impact can be difficult to master. This Brand Messaging Course walks you through how to create a strong brand identity and messaging that gets results with sessions that cover:

  • Essentials of brand messaging and positioning
  • Creating visual and experiential branding elements
  • How to apply a brand messaging framework

2021 brought many challenges and triumphs for businesses and marketers. What was learned this past year will only serve for improvements in the year to come. These B2B marketing resources filled with best practices, actionable tips and strategy pointers will help your business succeed in 2022.

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